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Storage Systems
Stationary Storage

Storage systemsA Variety of Space-Saving Solutions

Tab Storage Systems provide functional and aesthetically designed solutions to a wide variety of filing and storage needs. With TAB, you’ll find the perfect cabinet systems for your specific requirements. From sleek SpaceFinder cabinets to the versatile rotating TwinFile to the customizable Designer Series, TAB cabinets are simply the most intelligently crafted storage system solutions in the market today.

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Storage systemsPractical, Versatile Rotating Unit

TAB’s TwinFile is a single rotating unit that can provide more linear filing Inches per square foot than virtually any other system. TwinFile’s attractive Custom units can be configured to accommodate:

  • Standard color-coded filing.
  • Filing in full-shelf rollouts.
  • Small media filing (in 3” drawers).
  • Security storage in locking drawers.
  • Unit SpaceFinder boxes and wardrobe capabilities.

All in the same cabinet! In addition, components can be adjusted in ½” increments in the filed, for tall or small accommodations.

TwinFile’s single door opens to expose the entire interior storage of color-coded files or other objects on the selected side. When closed, TwinFile’s smooth panel conceals and protects the contents. TwinFile’s sturdy base has been tested to 100,000 revolutions without failure. TwinFile provides minimal turning effort. And with no mechanical devices, there is nothing to break or jam

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Storage systemsHigh-Quality Efficient Storage

Make your TAB Cabinets even more space-efficient with TAB’s SideTrac

  • Cabinets are arranged in two compact rows.
  • Front cabinets glide from side to side, creating access to cabinets in back.
  • Simple, inexpensive installation.
  • Unmatched leveling capabilities.
  • Simple to relocate.
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Mobile Storage

The Ultimate in Efficiency

Storage systemsMobile storage is a flexible, high-density storage solution that allows you to get more files in less space and create aisles only when and where you need them. TAB offers a wide range of mobile storage solutions, from the high- performance electrical models, to the mechanical-assist systems, to the simple and economical manual systems.



Mayline Group

With Mobile Storage, You can:

  • Double storage capacity while using less space.
  • Speed-up access to files and other stored materils.
  • Reduce security risk.
  • Increase safety through built-in safety features that comply with occupational and health regulations.
  • Minimize or eliminate off-site storage.
  • Storage any material including files, supplies, electronic media and reference materials.
  • Select colors and textures from a complete spectrum of design possibilities.
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